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Cash Balance Plan

If you are looking for the most cost efficient way to provide pensions to your employees that they can collect once they reach retirement, you should consider a cash balance plan. At David R. Doftman & Associates, we are proud to offer excellent pension administration services that will help prepare you and your workers for retirement.

Our reliable pension consultant business is committed to providing all of our valued clients with the best pension plans around. What makes a cash balance plan unique is that the amount of pension money that an employer will provide their workers is determined by the present economic situation, and can fluctuate. This means that employers could save more money that they can then save. In addition, every covered employee will receive their own individualized account that features the appropriate lump sum for them. Our skilled pension consultants work hard to ensure that your particular needs are met. For the best cash balance plan advising services, call us or visit our inviting location. We look forward to serving your pension planning requirements.